Culture & Sports

As the cradle of mankind, Kenya has an amazingly rich national and cultural heritage.  It is also rich in creative arts and sports talent that needs to be tapped and nurtured to create a rich and vibrant industry for development of our youth and economy. It is the responsibility of this Ministry to develop policies and programs that will help Kenya achieve these goals.

This Ministry is a successor to the Ministries of Youth Affairs and Sports (now without youth affairs), and, the Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture. It will be tasked with the development of sports and the arts as industries for wealth and employment creation and also as tools for national cohesion and de-ethnicization of the Kenyan society.


  • Development and Co-ordination of Sports
  • Development of Fine, Creative and Performing Arts
  • Development of the Film Industry
  • Expansion of Sports Industry
  • Film Development Policy and Promotion of Local Content
  • Historical Sites Management
  • Management of National Museums and Monuments
  • Management of Sports Policy
  • National Archives/Public Records Management
  • National Culture Promotion and Policy
  • National Heritage Policy and Management
  • Promotion and Development of Sport Facilities
  • Promotion and Diversification of Sports
  • Promotion of Library Services
  • Research and Conservation of Music
  • Sports Academy
  • Sports Industry Policy and Development